Information On The Course

An innovative step in the advancement of medical training, this is the first time that training in Botulinum toxins and soft tissue fillers has been standardised specifically for pharmacists. The Level 7 course allows you to adhere to the Health Education England 2016 requirements and learn to the highest standard of learning.

Course Information

Firstly, students are invited to a foundation day, where they will engage in hands on experience and carry out a Botulinum toxin and soft tissue filler treatment. On this day, they will be exposed to the basics of the anatomy, management of treatments and further relevant topics in aesthetics.

Upon completing the foundation day, each student will be assigned an experienced tutor/mentor who specialises in aesthetics while using this time to enhance their practical time and build on the extensive theoretical work provided.

As a prerequisite for enrolling on this course, every pharmacist who performs facial injections must be trained to a higher education level. Attending this course will enable pharmacists to achieve the highest level of qualification in cosmetic procedures available as a postgraduate.

Essential Course practices:

  1. Students must shadow an aesthetic practitioner and observe aesthetic treatments being carried out on 10+ patients for both Botulinum Toxin and soft tissue filler procedures.
  2. Students must then personally administer an aesthetic treatment on 10+ patients while under supervision for both Botulinum Toxin and soft tissue filler procedures.
  3. Each pharmacist will be provided with 142 hours of university- level information. These cover the core aesthetic topics: dermatology, ageing and health, ethics, law and policy, cosmetic psychology, Botulinum toxins, and soft tissue fillers. Once all modules have been read and understood, students will need to produce 34 concise assignments of 100-800 words in total- which can be conducted at your own pace.
  4. Theory and practical skills will be examined on a single day. The assessment will consist of 8 Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE) stations. There are no academic restrictions, so the OSCE day can be organised when you are fully ready to go ahead.


Each topic is innovatively broken down into more units providing an enhanced learning experience.

Aims and Objectives

  • Grow your injection skill techniques and be able to show an array of different techniques.
  • Develop your aesthetic consultation, assessment and post consultation skills and understand the meaning of “good record keeping.”
  • Explain the science behind Botulinium Toxin- including its bio-availability, immunogenicity and the safety around the product. Gain a respect of the product and understand the right dilution factors to achieve optimum results for particular indications.  
  • Have an appreciation of the different dermal fillers around and its exact science and benefits. Come to understand the benefits of collagen and how dermal fillers can help replenish and volumise certain areas of the body
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the facial anatomy
  • Enhance your knowledge of the management of complications in using Botulinum Toxin and dermal fillers. One must show evidence of understanding different situations and how you would handle each complication.

Prior to progressing to learning about advanced treatments, students must show evidence of existing aesthetic treatment experience. This can also be demonstrated after successfully passing the basic mentoring sessions.

For more information on the advanced procedure mentoring, please email

Successful candidates who have met all requirements and have achieved excellent feedback and pass marks, will have the opportunity to be interviewed for a position in one of the AMS Aesthetics venues.

Locations are:

  1. Harley Street
  2. Sloane Square
  3. London Bridge
  4. Mayfair
  5. Essex