Clinical Placement

Learning in a real life clinical setting is vital for the success of our postgraduate students, which is why our clinical placements are meticulously designed. After your foundation day, you will then enter the next phase of our course- which ensures you get to experience in day-to-day clinical aesthetic activities within a 6-12 month training schedule. As pharmacists, this is perfect for your growth, as it allows you to be nurtured as you get used to different styles of consultations, how to tailor your conversational style and learn to enhance your eye to detail and aesthetic beauty.  

Mentoring is a fundamental and integral part of our course. A level 7 qualification in injectables coupled with our mentoring scheme supports these guidelines to produce qualified and experienced aesthetic practitioners. Each mentor is active in the aesthetic industry and trained to the highest degree. Their wealth of knowledge and experience in aesthetic procedures proves them as excellent assets and resources for all of our candidates on the course.

How it works:

Introduction day

At PharmAesthetics UK we believe in giving our students the best start in their learning experience. You are invited to an introduction day with your mentor, which serves as an opportunity for students to understand how the course can serve them both academically and on a personal development level.

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet their mentor
  • Discuss the curriculum and outcomes of the course as well as availability for attending the clinic

Supervision days

During your supervision days you will be asked to conduct specific tasks to help you acclimatise to the day to day life as an aesthetic practitioner.

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • Create unique treatment plans ideal for your specific client
  • Take into consideration each patient’s required aesthetic goals and work    with your mentor to ensure you meet their needs.  
  • Observe your mentor carrying out aesthetic procedures
  • Develop your injection techniques- while understanding dosing, depth of the needle needed when injecting, respecting different skin types and where to place the product.
  • Obtain consent to take time-stamped photos of a before and after picture of each procedure for your logbooks
  • Be in a position to receive a reference from your mentor to increase your employment opportunities.

Additionally, students who desire to start the Independent Prescribing (IP) course can take advantage of our unique Designated Medical Practitioner (DMP) package by having their mentor acting as their DMP. This will then enable the pharmacist to specialise in aesthetics.