Study Days

Unique to the PharmAesthetics UK course, students can add to their practical learning via face-to-face theoretical study days. Each study day is designed to build knowledge in aesthetic procedures and help foster an understanding of how to run an aesthetic practice as a business.

The study days are split over 5 sessions, where each one focuses on the numerous aspects of aesthetics

Study day 1: Introduction and procedures

  • This session introduces you nicely into building your knowledge and ethos for your own clinic. We look into customer performance strategies, creating "customer intimacy" and helping you achieve a customer-centric business.

  • This session will also help you achieve and appreciate beauty by helping you grasp the notion of the golden ratio and facial dimensions. We will then help enhance your understanding of aesthetic procedure trends, market analysis and help you understand your demographic - plus so much more.

Study day 2: Client Relationship

  • This session is designed to ensure you appreciate client relationship which leads to high client retention rates. We will teach you special ways to ensure your clients are kept happy and satisfied.

Study day 3: Improvement of internal structure

  • This session will aim to help you improve productivity in an aesthetic practice by ensuring your business infrastructure is in place and solid. You will learn how to obtain the right staff, how you motivate staff, interview skills plus so much more.

Study 4: Internal/External strategies

  • This session will help you understand the importance of internal and external marketing, as well as improving your promotional skills and understanding buyer behaviours. Plus a lot more exciting topics on the day.

Note: The course outline is a proposed structure designed to indicate the learning process. It can be subject to change to enhance the core learning over time.