Why do Level 7 Training?

A higher standard of learning ensures a pharmacist receives the optimum quality and level of training as a highly-skilled safe aesthetic practitioner. With the implementation of the HEE’s newest guidelines, its aim is to help novice (and experienced) practitioners who wish to administer Botulinum toxins and dermal fillers to perform to the highest quality and to hold an official postgraduate level 7 status by 2018.

17274809 10158757452515354 823448186 nAdhering to the government’s commitment to significantly raise the standards in cosmetic training, PharmAesthetics UK has worked hard to allow pharmacists to obtain a postgraduate Level 7 qualification in injectables. This not only provides students with a greater level of practice and knowledge, but ensures patient safety.

As a result, the way we train in aesthetics has changed- forming a separation from the standard 1-2 day training days in aesthetics. This can be ideal for other healthcare practitioners, as their current and previous learning exposed them to anatomical and injectable knowledge. For pharmacists, this is different. Our learning exposes us to anatomy, some injectables and our code of conduct ensures we are ethical and confidential, but this doesn’t mean we can walk into a clinic and provide excellent care to our clients after attending these 1-2 day training days.

We need to be conditioned differently and introduced to the world of aesthetics over a set period of time. As PharmAesthetics UK is run by a pharmacist, we understand what is needed for a pharmacist to become well-rounded practitioners. This is where we believe following the higher standard of training over a 6-12 month period can allow pharmacists to learn under supervision in a clinical setting, grow in their own time and come out having self-confidence to perform high quality procedures. This does not only make a pharmacist good at what they do, but also allows one to stand out from the rest and be more employable.