Why Choose Aesthetics

Over the last few years, facial aesthetics has become increasingly popular, and with an ever ageing population, clients desire to look and feel younger, achieving natural features. For an industry worth over £3.5 billion a year and growing at an exponential rate, now is an appropriate time for pharmacists to widen their career options by entering the world of aesthetics.

As a result of recent government cuts in pharmacy and diminishing career opportunities, pharmacists are rapidly becoming despondent to the profession that once offered better career growth and higher pharmacy rates. Consequently, pharmacists now seek alternative career options within the healthcare world where they can experience a greater sense of job satisfaction, supporting their needs professionally, holistically and financially.[image]

Coming into aesthetics allows pharmacists:

  1. Better career development - training in aesthetics allows a pharmacist to enhance their clinical skill set and grow their career. This sense of career development can also promote a sense of personal growth and inevitably, a growth in the aesthetics industry as a whole. PharmAesthetics UK ensures our pharmacists experience fulfilment in learning and growth by providing them with the best opportunities for learning.
  2. The option of having flexible working hours - for many, flexibility adds variety to the average work schedule. Qualifying as an aesthetic practitioner affords pharmacists the option to work full or part-time, or even maintain a steady income as a pharmacist whilst practicing aesthetics on the side, earning extra income. Some pharmacists may opt to work full-time in aesthetics, but in any event, pharmacists in aesthetics can expect less hours for higher earnings.
  3. Increased overall job satisfaction - Feeling appreciated for a job can have immense benefits on the personal and professional life. After a rigorous 4 years of training at University and developing the dedication and mind-set to become a pharmacist, PharmAesthetics UK believes in rewarding its pharmacists with a suitable practice experience, appreciation and decent work life balance.
  4. To be paid more for a specialist skill in the private sector- Working in the area of aesthetics undoubtedly has its financial benefits. The in-depth and advanced skilled procedures is compensated by the amount earned.